23 02 2015

Welcome to Seattle RC Racers online!  We are a club whose mission is to support and grow the sport of radio control model car racing in Seattle and beyond.

Whether you are a competitive veteran of the sport or are just looking for a fun hobby to share with your kids, we can provide the support you need to enjoy RC racing to its fullest potential.

The indoor season is done! We will be back at the Magnuson Community Center and Hangar 30 in the fall. Our outdoor program at SeaTac kicks off in April.

SeaTac R/C Raceway

April Cleanup Crew

Summer Sizzler!

2017 Summer Sizzler Flyer

Saturday & Sunday, August 12 & 13
8am Track Prep
10:30 am Drivers Meeting

Stock Touring
Modified Touring
Masters Touring

Scale Spec
Modified 1/12th
Formula 1

$20 per class. $35 Family.

Bring a chair, table, and power.

ROAR Membership required.

PayPal:  seattlercracers@comcast.net

Magnuson Park Map Good Food Nearby

Current Track Records (Community Center)
Scale Spec: Devin Patterson 28/6:02 25 Mar 2017
Stock 1/12th:  Brian Bodine 43/8:01 25 Mar 2017
Modified Touring: Travis Schreven 34/6:09 11 Mar 2017
Formula 1: Mark Tveten 28/6:02 11 Mar 2017
Stock Touring:  Mike Malkinson 32/6:01 25 Mar 2017
Modified 1/12th:  Korey Harbke  50/8:02  25 Mar 2017

Current Track Records (Hangar 30)
Scale Spec: Donny Banks 33/6:05 11 Jan 2017
Stock 1/12th: Stuart Mason 49/8:00 8 Mar 2017
Stock Touring: Kody Knudtson 37/6:02 23 Mar 2016
Formula 1: Mark Brown 33/6:05 8 Mar 2017