23 02 2015

Welcome to Seattle RC Racers online!  We are a club whose mission is to support and grow the sport of radio control model car racing in Seattle and beyond.

Whether you are a competitive veteran of the sport or are just looking for a fun hobby to share with your kids, we can provide the support you need to enjoy RC racing to its fullest potential.

Funds were successfully raised to pay for asphalt at the North SeaTac Park onroad track.

Funds went into the club’s account where they were tracked by our treasurer, and the overall results were reported to the club in our open meetings. Our goal was $20,000, and we exceeded that goal. The track slab was laid in October, 2015. Donations came through PayPal or directly to the club in person with a check.

Seatac Onroad Track Donation

12Oct2015 Funds

Below is a video of the track in its current condition. It’s looking good!

Seatac Onroad Dates

Saturday 9 July
Saturday 23 July
Saturday 13 Aug & Sunday 14 Aug
Saturday 27 Aug

The track is located at 20th Ave S on S 136th St in Seatac, WA 98188.

It is west of the Seatac Community Center on 136th.

2016/2017 Magnuson Park Carpet Onroad Dates
Saturdays at the Community Center, Wednesdays at Hangar 30

Sat 24 Sep
Wed 28 Sep
Sat 8 Oct
Wed 12 Oct
Sat 22 Oct
Sat 19 Nov
Sat 3 Dec
Wed 14 Dec
Sat 17 Dec Track Build
Wed 28 Dec
Wed 11 Jan
Sat 14 Jan
Wed 25 Jan
Sat 28 Jan
Wed 8 Feb
Sat 11 Feb
Wed 22 Feb
Sat 25 Feb
Wed 8 Mar
Sat 11 Mar
Wed 22 Mar
Sat 25 Mar Emerald City Classic

We are building our onroad asphalt track at North Seatac Park. Look for word of work parties here and on the club’s RCTech thread. Our target date for a grand opening race is July 9.

Stock Touring
Modified Touring*
Stock 1/12th
Modified 1/12th*
Scale Spec
World GT
Formula 1

*Community Center only.

$15 per class. $25 Family.

Tables and chairs provided at Community Center.

Tables provided at Hangar 30.

Bring a chair.

ROAR Membership required.

PayPal:  seattlercracers@comcast.net

Magnuson Park Map Good Food Nearby

Current Track Records (Community Center)
Scale Spec: Ryan Brownlee 27/6:02 2 April 2016
Stock 1/12th:  Brian Bodine 41/8:10 6 20 Feb 2016
World GT: Alex Danilchik 29/6:04 2 April 2016
Modified Touring: Kody Knudtson 33/6:06 19 Mar 2016
Formula 1: Alex Pate 28/6:06 2 April 2016
Stock Touring:  Kody Knudtson 31/6:00 2 April 2016
Modified 1/12th:  Korey Harbke  49/8:08  19 Mar 2016

H30 Cup Points 2015-2016 Saturdays 08Jan2016

Current Track Records (Hangar 30)
Scale Spec: Ryan Brownlee 33/6:07 30 Dec 2015
Stock 1/12th: Todd Mason 48/8:04 6 Apr 2016
Stock Touring: Kody Knudtson 37/6:02 23 Mar 2016
Formula 1: Mark Brown 33/6:07 27 Jan 2016

H30 Cup Points 2015-2016 Wednesdays 23Jan2016


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