23 02 2015

Welcome to Seattle RC Racers online!  We are a club whose mission is to support and grow the sport of radio control model car racing in Seattle and beyond.

Whether you are a competitive veteran of the sport or are just looking for a fun hobby to share with your kids, we can provide the support you need to enjoy RC racing to its fullest potential.

The indoor season is back! We are at the Magnuson Community Center on Saturdays and Hangar 30 on Wednesdays all through the fall and winter.

Club Racing

Hangar 30
Wednesday, December 13
5pm Track Build
6pm Practice
7pm Q1

Magnuson Community Center
Saturday, December 16
2pm New Track Build
5pm Practice
7 pm Q1

Stock Touring
Modified Touring
Scale Spec
Stock 1/12th
Modified 1/12th
Formula 1

$20 per class. $35 Family.

Tables, chairs, power provided at the community center
Tables and power provided at Hangar 30, bring a chair

ROAR Membership required.

PayPal:  seattlercracers@comcast.net

Magnuson Park Map Good Food Nearby

Current Track Records (Community Center)
Scale Spec: Donny Banks 24/5:06 2 Dec 2017
Stock 1/12th:  Brian Bodine 43/8:01 25 Mar 2017
Modified Touring: Andrew Cartwright 29/5:10 14 Oct 2017
Formula 1: Mark Tveten 23/5:01 2 Dec 2017
Stock Touring:  Sam Forbes 27/5:04 14 Oct 2017
Modified 1/12th:  Korey Harbke  51/8:08  2 Dec 2017

Current Track Records (Hangar 30)
Scale Spec: Donny Banks 28/5:08 1 Nov 2017
Stock 1/12th: Brian Bodine 51/8:03 1 Nov 2017
Stock Touring: Jake Danilchik 30/5:02 1 Nov 2017