Hangar 30 Schedule

Onroad club racing happens at Magnuson Park, in Seattle.  click here for directions.

Our Wednesday night program is in Hangar 30.  We begin each race night by gathering at Hangar 30 at 6 pm to build the track.  Practice begins immediately after the track is done.  The first qualifier goes off at 7:00 pm.  At the end of the mains we tear down the track and return it to storage.

Magnuson Indoor Dates


Wed 28 H30

Wed 12 H30
Wed 26 H30

Wed 16 H30
Wed 30 H30

Wed 14 H30
Wed 28 H30


Wed 11 H30
Wed 25 H30

Wed 8 H30
Wed 22 H30

Wed 8 H30
Wed 22 H30

Saturday, September 30 (CC) 30Sep2017 Race Report
Wednesday, October 4 (H30) 4Oct2017 Race Report
Saturday, October 14 (CC) 14Oct2017 Race Report
Wednesday, October 18 (H30) 18Oct2017 Race Report
Saturday, October 28 (CC) 28Oct2017 Race Report
Wednesday, November 1 (H30) 1Nov2017 Race Report
Fri, Sat, Sun, November 3, 4, 5 Big Chill (Chilliwack, BC)
Wednesday, November 15 (H30) 15Nov2017 Race Report
Saturday, November 18 (CC) 18Nov2018 Race Report
Wednesday, November 29 (H30) 29Nov2017 Race Report
Saturday, December 2 (CC) 2Dec2017 Race Report
Wednesday, December 13 (H30) 13Dec2017 Race Report
Saturday, December 16 (CC) 16Dec2017 Race Report
Wednesday, December 27 (H30) 27Dec2017 Race Report

Fri, Sat, Sun, January 5, 6, 7 IROCC WCICS (Sydney, BC)
Wednesday, January 10 (H30) 10Jan2018 Race Report
Saturday, January 13 (CC) 13Jan2018 Race Report
Wednesday, January 24 (H30)  24Jan2018 Race Report
Saturday, January 27 (CC) 27Jan2018 Race Report
Saturday, February 10 (CC) 10Feb2018 Race Report
Wednesday, February 21 (H30) 21Feb2018 Race Report
Saturday, February 24 (CC) 24Feb2018 Race Report
Wednesday, March 7 (H30) 7March2018 Race Report
Saturday, March 10 (CC) 10March2018 Race Report
Wednesday, March 21 (H30) 21March2018 Race Report
Sat, Sun, March 24, 25 Emerald City Classic 2018 ECC Race Report

Past Seasons:

2014/2015 Season Reports and Results

2015/2016 Magnuson Season Results and Reports

2016/2017 Magnuson Indoor Season Resuls

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