2 09 2014

Welcome to Seattle RC Racers online!  We are a club whose mission is to support and grow the sport of radio control model car racing in Seattle and beyond.

Whether you are a competitive veteran of the sport or are just looking for a fun hobby to share with your kids, we can provide the support you need to enjoy RC racing to its fullest potential.

2014/2015 Club Racing Begins!

Saturday, September 20
Magnuson Community Center

Wednesday, September 24
Hangar 30

2 Quals, Single Mains, Single B Bumps.

Stock Touring
Modified Touring*
Stock 1/12th
Modified 1/12th*
Scale Spec
World GT**

*Community Center only.
**Hangar 30 Only.

$15 per class.

$25 Family.

Tables and chairs provided at Community Center.
Table and chair storage provided at Hangar 30.

ROAR Membership required.

Magnuson Park Map

Good Food Nearby

Current Track Records (Community Center)
Stock 1/12th:  Brad Curtis 41/8:10 5 Apr 2014
Stock Touring:  Andrew Cartwright 31/6:11 5 Apr 2014
Scale Spec: Dan Garber 28/6:07 22 Feb 2014
Modified Touring:  Kody Knudtson 33/6:07 5 Apr 2014
Modified 1/12th:  Dave Ehrlich  47/8:01  22 Mar 2014
World GT:  Canyon Thompson 31/6:01  5 Apr 2014
Formula 1:  Mark Tveten 28/6:14  5 Apr 2014

Current Track Records (Hangar 30)
Scale Spec: Ritchie Reynolds 34/6:09 26 Mar 2014
Stock 1/12th: Brian Bodine 50/8:08 22 Jan 2014
Stock Touring: Mike Ruete 36/6:02 8 Jan 2014
World GT: Brian Bodine 38/6:09 13 Nov 2013


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